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How can you not trust a smile like that?
Source: TV
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Added 1/29/2008
How can you not trust a smile like that?

Chisato from the end of the Vampire Princess Miyu TV series. Anything more would probably be a huge spoiler, and thus I'll try to rein myself in even if this series is a decade old at this point.

I didn't really much like Chisato or her character design through much of the series, but both of that changed at the end. She looks rather lovely with pretty coloring here.

This cel was bought from Asylum Anime during Otakon... probably around 2006 or so. I've attended so many Otakons now they've all kind of melded together in a blur of drunken debauchery. (Okay, maybe not so much with the drunken. Or the debauchery, if attending the four hour yaoi mega-panel doesn't count.)

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