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That's not a knife... now THIS is a knife!
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: B9
Standard size

Original Unmatching Background

Added 1/30/2008
That's not a knife... now THIS is a knife!

And yeah, actually, for those who haven't seen the end of Vampire Princess Miyu TV, that giant black blobby thing Chisato's holding up is a knife. Oh spoilers, how you do kill off any more detailed cel descriptions.

Anyway, I always thought Chisato's hairstyle was rather ill-flattering, but I rather like the way it's looking here and in the ending in general.

This cel was picked up during one of Anime Museum's 50% off sales and was scanned in against the serene insane Mikael background. I really liked the way Chisato's room looked at the end of the TV series, so I'd love to pick up any backgrounds for it (matching or unmatching any of my cels from the same scenes) at some point.

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