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Ah, Tenshi ni Narumon, my favorite anime to collect cels from. Within six months it had surpassed my Sailor Moon collection which I had been collecting for over five years. Mikael has displaced Endy-poo as my most-collected anime character. (He's so cute! And cheap compared to my other characters!)

Mikael: Cheap... (?_?)'

This is a small taste of my favorite Tenshi ni Narumon cels within my gallery.

 The Huggy Cel *NFS*

 I'm warning you, stay back! I've got a *feather*!

 Don't mind me floating on over to molest Mikael...

 Don't trust that innocent smile...

 I feel my street cred evaporating...

 With this Feather I Can Rule the Tickle Competition!

 We can spend time alone doing things in the faculty storage room...

 Stay Out of the Flowers

 The Bet Cel

 And now for my next trick, I'll pull Mikael out of a hat...

 Eww, a girl is touching me! Cooties!

 And Now for the Added Angst...

 Raphael contemplates exactly how he and Mikael can keep warm now that the electricity is off

 Eye Spy With My Little Eye..

 Fuyuki bids a fond farewell to mortal life and a cheery hello to a shirtless jacket and a somewhat unhinged apprentice

 If I told you once, then I've told you a thousand times-- I'm not posing nude for your art project!

 The seller on Yahoo Japan doesn't allow deputy service bids?!

 Wouldn't you be smiling too, if Raphael was in your bed?

 Does this hat make me look diabolical?

 Who did you just call cheap...?

 You know you may have too many cels from a sequence when...

 . . . this is my upset face

 . . . and this is my little knowing smile

 . . . and here I am looking back as you make insinuating statements
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